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This may be the best thing that ever happens to me on this site, unless I can figure out hoe to work flash. Third place in the Audio Portal under Video Games!!!

This will never happen again...

First Official Rant

2011-01-01 01:50:45 by DAFORCEFilms

Huh, no one will read this, but this is incase of that off chance some one does. Name is Nathaniel, and I am obsessed with Nintendo, as evidenced by my numerous Nintendo music remixes. on Newgrounds, my favorite flashes would be the Madness Combat series, SMBZ, Foamy and Germaine, and a couple of the Pico ones. I have played Fulp's Castle Crashers, and it kicks ASS!!! He is from my home state, though we live on complete polar opposite sides of PA. I love indie film, art, music, and games, so I have many profiles on prominent sites like Deviantart, Youtube, and of course here using this name. Sort of weird I love this stuff so much and devote so much of my time to it that I often forget about my life's goals, like my bachelor's degree in Biology. Here's to ho[ping my problem's straighten out in time and may God have mercy on my soul.