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Incredibly stupid and amazingly funny. All I ask for in a Newgrounds animation.

Oh yeah, that brony musician. Good music.

Apparently the human character can only speak Bebebese, which is just monotonous beeps. The whole town is just people guessing at what each other are saying.

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Brilliant idea.

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That's it. I'm never clicking on anything MLP related on Newgrounds ever again.

Congrats on getting Daily First. Honest to god never thought I'd see an anthro sex game at number 1.

Fatelogic responds:

Well, I think the preview image and preview description are pretty straightforward about the game's content, and just in case I added a comedic disclaimer before starting the game, so yeah... no one who plays it will do so while being unaware of what they're gonna find, right? xD

I appreciate your courtesy regarding your congratulations though, thanks for the thought ^^


It's the culmination of every popular culture and news media icon thrown to together in a collaborative mindfuck of epic proportions that will blow your mind to oblivion and then even further.

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Sorry it took so long to get a review in. My computer crapped out on me again and I had to get it repaired.

Very, very nice cover. Comes across a lot smoother than the gruff, heavy tone I get from the original. I can tell you took some liberties with the autotuned voice in the background, and it helps make this cover your own. Definitely worth listening to. Keep it up, your music just seems to get better each upload.

VGSongbird responds:

I added some effects, but I don't own an "autotune"

I need to get online more often. Half the time I see one of your pieces have been uploaded, it's anywhere from a week to month later.

Anyway, I've been listening to your stuff long enough now that I can definitely tell you have a certain style and choice of instruments when it comes to your synth/traditional pieces. They work very well together, and as I've stated in the past, your work with traditional instruments is always soothing and very well played.

Maybe it's just my history with the series, but your original songs really remind me of Mario Kart, this one Rainbow Road in particular. Maybe that's just me, I don't know.

VGSongbird responds:

Lol well I would say VG Music has always influenced me, especially a classic like Mario Kart, so I'd say it's not farfetched to think that I've got some similar sounds :D

I definitely do have a certain style. I like to call is Melodic Chaos XD And thank you again for continuing to listen to my stuff. I'm always excited to see a review from you.

Nice collab, but to be totally honest I can't pick out a few of these songs individually. Oh well, it sounds great. Nothing sounds out of place, no one song is overpowering another, just a good loop.

Bonus points for Mabe Village. I love that theme.

VGSongbird responds:

Yeah I had to transpose a couple of the songs to get them to fit the Fairy chord progressions. But if you listen closely enough they are there. except for Mabe Village/Animal village being switched, they're in order. :)

Thanks for continuing to support me :D

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Is the face based on Pixeloo's realistic Mario? It looks very similar.


I hope that wasn't caused by the sugar. If so, I'm in the same boat here soon. Being an art student sucks.

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Now how do I play this with a D-pad?

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Lockesmyth responds:

You just need one of those D-pads with a z-axis. They make those, right? ...right?

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